10 Reasons Why ‘Zindagi’ works in India

The Indian television shows like Hum Log, Buniyaad, Nukkad, Dekh Bhai Dekh had the entire family sit together and cherish the earliest experiences of the Idiot Box. Then came in the ‘K’ serials, which people started to watch but the drag in the plot, overly dressed women and the slap slap slap became too much to handle.

Cut to 2014, Zee Entertainment Enterprise Limited launched a new channel in India, Zindagi.  Zindagi broadcasts Pakistani dramas for the Indian audience for the first time ever. Read on to know what makes Zindagi and its shows click with the Indian audience.

1. The Never Seen Before

Gone are the days of Boy meets Girl, Girl meets Boy, fall in love, face opposition from family members, get married, get divorced and remarry. These shows are fresh with good content and do not dissuade from the main plot.

2. Bridging the Cultural Gap

A lot has been said and done between the two countries. This channel is a way to bridge the difference and brings a scope for cultural exchange. It is a great medium to accept each other’s cultural identities.

3. Finite Series

The shows are launched with the intention of being finite. They last only for some twenty-twenty two episodes. There is a definite plot. The shows are crisp and to the point. No unnecessary dragging for years and years. That is definitely fresh for the audience which has been a victim of prolonged family feuds and unlimited drama.

4. Simple and Realistic

In sharp contrast to the usual pomp and show in our dramas, the shows of this channel are simple.  Only what is required is shown. The women don’t wear expensive clothes all the time. They definitely don’t sleep with make up on.

5. Relevancy

The social backdrop of both the countries is very similar. This makes the various issues shown and the content of the shows very relevant to the Indian society as well. The audience feels an instant connect.

6. Actors/Characters

The actors are remarkably brilliant. They are convincing and closer to reality. Even the supporting cast stands apart. The characters are grey and not extremely positive or negative.  No scheming vamps engaging in multiple monologues and a smirk on the face.

7. The Story is the Hero

These shows do not work because of a certain actor or actress. These shows are story driven. The sub plot supports the main plot accurately. There aren’t any sensational and mindless plot twists. The script is very engaging and doesn’t go haywire.

8. No Coming Back from the Dead

Character portrayals are very crisp too. Keeping a check with the reality, no character comes back with plastic surgeries done.  No character is brought back from the dead .A character dies for once and all.

9. Urdu

The language is easy to comprehend. Urdu has a certain politeness to it, which is like music to the ears. Muntazir means Waiting/Intezaar, Elam means Education, Inhesaar karna means To depend on. Nice? Yeah.

10. Fawad Afzal Khan

Do I need to elaborate this one? This man is the Mcdreamy of the channel. Zaroon, Jamaal, Asher or any other character; he can make every girl go weak in the knees. And that smile. *Drools*

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