Just a year old, the innovative Reach app is one of the fastest growing discovery and sharing platforms because of its unique peer-to-peer (P2P) technology and its new concept. This technology, being supported by Google, is one of its kind. The vision with which Reach has been developed is to create a social graph through sharing of content validated by peers. There are already more than 50, 000 users of Reach, with a total of more than 16 million files on its network, and more than 2 million file events.

It all started back in college, when Abhay (founder, Reach) had to knock the doors of his hostel friends in order to transfer various media via pen drives or USB cables. He wondered if this experience- where your friends allow you to browse and take contents from their collection can be taken online through a mobile app.

Currently in version 1.0, the app lets its users discover applications, audio files, download games, and other media available in your friends’ mobile. Eventually, Reach has plans to reach out to more users and introduce links as another file type. The saved links can be accessed by others from their phones. In the future, there will also the provision to share images, pictures, and videos using the app, with the user controlling what is visible to others and what is not. The unique P2P technology is the backbone of the Reach app, and has been used to “create a social graph between friends via sharing and discovery of con- tent being consumed by their peers every day,” Ashish Kumar,tech-founder. The entire P2p engine has been built by the founders of the company themselves. According to Ayush Verma, tech-founder, “I ensure that our technology is unparalleled and our product scales beautifully.”

We aim to be one of the biggest consumer products coming out of India and scale globally.” –Akshay Pruthi, CEO & cofounder Reach

The social emotion of peeking inside your friend’s phone and discovering content opens up new ways of discovering valuable information. It totally changes the way people ex- change content via their phones today.” –Abhay Pruthi, Founder

The team believes that their peer-to-peer technology and the beautiful interface of the app will make them surge globally. Indeed, the fact that the American technocrat and bil- lionaire Mark Cuban himself praised and validated the idea, has strengthened their belief that their serendipity is on track! The new version that appeared in the market just three weeks back is already soaring, with the numbers of users increasing significantly, as more and more people are putting in their trust into Reach app.

About Reach:

The beta version of the Reach app was launched on 23rd March, 2015. After many months of experimenting and constant feedback sessions with users, Version 1.0 has been launched recently.

All the founders are very focussed to build an easy to use content discovering app. They have an interesting office space in Gurgaon, where the whole team is based. Apart from getting the best machines, infrastructure and environment, employees get to take initiat- ives like learning day(ordering any book for the whole team), cooking sessions etc.

They have a beautiful garden in their office where they have product idea sessions every Saturday.

The four people who made this possible are:

  • Akshay Pruthi, Founder and CEO: Manages growth at Reach.
  • Abhay Pruthi, Founder: Handles product growth.
  • Ashish Kumar, Co-Founder: Leads in frontend technology for the company
  • Ayush Verma, Co-Founder: Leads backed technology

The startup has received numerous funding($500,000), as investors love the brainwork behind the product. Some of the notable investors are Takeshi Ebihara (Rebright Partners, Lead investors at Reach), Sol Primero, Ankur Warikoo (CEO, Nearbuy), Ankur Singla (CEO, Helpchat), Sudhir Anandarao ((Entrepreneur in Residence at Bessemer Venture Partners) Durgesh Kaushik, Pritesh Gupta, Anunay Gupta.       App can be downloaded from the Google playstore

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