6 Interesting Courses to do over this Summer!

We know it’s difficult to survive a two-month long vacation sitting at home doing nothing! The excitement of watching the new seasons of our favorite TV shows, without thinking about meeting assignment deadlines, doesn’t last long. We need to have SOMETHING to say when we fall prey to taunts, don’t we?

Moreover, there are certain things we want to do and learn in life, but the hectic college schedule doesn’t allow us to. So why not utilize this time to enhance our hobbies instead of letting the usual schedule kill them?

Here are 7 really cool and interesting courses that you can enjoy doing this summer while also letting your folks remain at peace; they know it’s something worthwhile this time!

  • Outdoor Leadership:

Ever heard of a course that shows you to be your outdoorsy best? When books don’t appeal you and the window of the classroom continually entices you to be outside, you’ve got to do something about it. Who doesn’t want to be a real traveler and an India trip pioneer just at the end of a course? Well, this will actually help you too, because you will have explored the grand mountains and magnificent valleys of the locales of India at the end of it with the help of some experienced field instructors!

Place to join:

National Outdoor Leadership School, India (NOLS)

  • Cinematography:

For those of you who are fascinated by the making of a movie more than the movie itself, and aspire to become successful directors, there’s nothing more appealing and important than learning the craft of Cinematography. This course will enable you to confidently assist a cinematographer/videographer at the end of it, both in films and television! A little longer than other courses, this course can be continued after the vacations as a part-time engagement.

Place to join:

Zee Institute of Media Arts (ZIMA), Mumbai

  • Tea Tasting:

Did you know this could be a career option? What could be more awesome than tasting flavoursome teas and getting paid for it? That’s not even it. A tea taster not only tastes the tea but also gives advice, does branding and knows all about cultivation and manufacturing! So pamper your taste buds this summer!

Place to join:

Indian Institute of Plantation Management, Bangalore

  • Pet Grooming:

Are you a cat lover, a dog whisperer or a Philippa? If you’re all of them and animals make you weak in the knees, pet grooming is just for you! This course will give you a break to work closely with them and enhance their hygiene and appearance, while also taking care of them in all ways possible. This novel field is gradually picking up in India.

Place to join:

Whiskers and Tails Franchise & Pet Grooming Academy, Mumbai

Fuzzy Wuzzy Professional Pet Grooming School

  • Puppetry:

One of the most seasoned types of amusement, puppetry is significantly more than simply playing with the puppets. It is also a critical medium of education and numerous schools and foundations use puppets to teach students about different topics. Over a timeframe, stage appears and exhibitions have helped in putting the focus back on this workmanship, which was in risk of getting lost!

Place to join:

University of Mumbai

(The course is conducted by renowned theatre personality and puppeteer, Meena Naik.)

  • Spa Management:

Surprised, aren’t you? This is a course. Spa management and training is not something we hear many people doing. A spa training institute teaches you everything you need to know about a relaxing spa. Not just this, but you could also spend your summer in Thailand learning the craft!

Place to join:

Orient Spa Academy, Jaipur

The academy has a tie up with a spa academy in Bangkok and it offers students a chance to do a couple of weeks’ course in Thailand!

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