DU Admissions: Someone Finally Said It

Everybody tells you how amazing Delhi University is and how much of a task it is to enter the most coveted colleges of this prestigious University but has anyone ever told you how painful the admission process is? With a single officer dealing with forms from hundreds of students applying for graduation and post-graduation, the colleges are no less crowded than they are at the time of their fests. (Except maybe the number of parents is relatively less at the time of the fest)

Hence a few pointers (which are really important) while taking admission for any of the courses in the esteemed Delhi University:-

  • DON’T: No really. If you have any other option, go for it and stay away from DU.
  • Anyhow if you have decided for sure, let me congratulate you for being the Daredevil and deciding to take admission in DU. Give yourself a pat on the back. (Also this may be the last time you praise yourself for taking this disastrous decision. So celebrate as much as you can for the first and the last time)
  • If you think your work will be done in one day, forget about it. Consider at least wasting two days running between the two campuses and getting admitted into the college you’ve had your heart set on since you were two. (If you wanna transfer, add another couple of days.)
  • Be prepared to waste a lot of hours in the University area. Even to ask the tiniest question. (Because the assumption is that you have no work to do and nowhere else to go during the admission time)
  • The admin officer who is ‘helping’ you get admission can go for a ‘short’ break (of 30 minutes) anytime he wants. If you question him or be impolite, he’ll make it a point to not do your work.
  • DU is still living in the Stone Age as its system is still not computerized and hence most of the work is done manually, hence, costing students, parents (as well as teachers) their valuable time.

If you thought scoring exceptionally high in 12th boards or your bachelor will easily get you admission, this article is there to open your eyes and make you realize how uninformed you actually are.

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