Famous Personalities and their Weird Habits

There is no secret formula for innovation, and a lot of great minds arrive at their creativity in many different ways. Though we’d all like to crack the code for reaching our creative breakthrough, it’s likely that emulating the habits prescribed by one famous person or another won’t be the cure-all to your stagnated creativity. Though, there’s probably no harm in giving it a try. So to satiate your voyeuristic curiosity, compiled here are some of the least orthodox, but still effective creative processes of great minds.


Our famous detective novelist is pure amazement to look at when we talk about writing. Devoid of an office to plan, plot and scheme the lines of her story, Christie took to writing whatever formed in her mind and gave the flicks to it by penning down the loosely connected plots. If you are wondering what fortune the world had in its lucky bowl to read some classic murder stories, our authentic sources tell us that the powerful lady of words elucidated on spooky and skittish scenes without an inch of idea what her piece is turning out to be. So write your thoughts out peeps, who knows, you could be the next Christie.


Often called gory and morbid, Poe’s stories have always given the thunder to his contemporaries and mates and are definitely not for the faint hearts. If you allow us to take you a step ahead and tell you what went into creating the macabre of ghoulish and gruesome pages, here is what we discovered-Poe, as weird and bizarre as it sounds, had done his writing in a  scroll fashion—on continuous strips of paper attached with sealing wax. The habit set his editors on edge. But you know what is more weird? His works were admitted to the literary canon only post his death. How we wish we could be in a spiral of talks telling Poe what a treat to the eyes his scrolled papers have produced.


Dali was a champion of the power nap, using his “slumber with key” method to wake him as soon as he fell asleep. Oh well, our investigations did not take much of our time in finding what is weird about him. Dali’s statement in 50 seconds of magic craftsmanship-“Not a second more is needed for your physical and psychic being to be revivified by just the necessary amount of repose” briefs it quite well what served to the activeness behind the majestic paintings that found expression.


Before reading this one, let me tell you, this could be the more interesting rather than being the weirdest thing that you might be learning in the entire day. So what our lively and frothy writer does is create embryos for everything that he plans to write or script. Wondering when he had turned out to be a biologist? We are not talking about babies here, at least not human babies. Harmon’s embryo is actually a story circle divided into the eight steps he deems necessary to birth a satisfying story. Harmon, the creator and writer of NBC’s Community, revealed in an interview with Wired that every plot, gag, and season he creates has to come full circle by following the eight steps, and if not, he scraps everything and starts over. To all the mathematics honors, don’t scrape up your sums if you don’t take the exact 8 steps to solve it.

5. JAY-Z

Ever thought how weird is could be to think of the perfect rhymes than the meanings to the songs that might top our playlists? Here is what Jay-z has to say, ”So I created little corners in my head where I stored rhymes”. Jay-Z believes the process of storing his creative bursts daily built up his memory “muscle,” and to this day he “writes” his lyrics and flow in his head before entering the recording booth. We certainly went back to school, didn’t we? Let’s say we are pretty sure what is not one out of his ‘99 Problems‘ is definitely getting the lyrical rhymes to his vocals.

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