Guide For The Amateur Shopper: Delhi Edition

It is all about the best find. So all those who get a rush from being surrounded by excited crowds, relish planning and are more army general (you will need a game plan) than average Jane about their shopping sprees are more than fit to be set free in the street markets of Delhi


Ideal For: Girls who like to shop till they drop i.e. all living females.

From chic floral dresses, to funky street style clothing and junk jewelry, Sarojini Nagar is a shopaholic’s Mecca. It is not unusual to find high end label merchandise for prices that will be forever unheard of in the original outlets. Along with clothes, you can also shop for bags, shoes and accessories.

Need to Know: It is easy to get carried away. On more occasions than one, unassuming females have been rendered horrified by the sheer amount of “goods” that were not so good after all- pocket  purse wise.

Pro-Tip: When you feel yourself spiraling out of control (and you will), scale down. From then on, for every cute dress that beckons you, question if you would have bought it if was hung in a shopping mall with a pricey price tag. This will have you back tailing your way towards the exit.


Ideal For: It is a popular shopping destination with the college going crowd as it is possible to snag trendy clothes and accessories at reasonable prices. For this reason alone, it is worth a look.

Need to Know: Dust up on your bargaining skills before setting off. Believe it or not, your over-friendly neighborhood aunty might just be a suitable companion for this expedition. Universally known as holding an unofficial degree in bargaining (bestowed by the unwilling local market shopkeepers), you will wish you were her disciple after one day of shopping at Janpath. Remember that this market is pocket friendly only if you allow it to be.


Ideal For: Everybody. Period.

Unlike most other street markets that mainly cater to the college going crowds, Lajpat Nagargoes easy on the age range.  It is ideal for students who want to spend the day shopping while gorging on street treats. It also happens to be the favorite haunt of ladies out for sari shopping. Even men can be found making a bee line for the electronic goods stores. Yes-even men cannot resist this gem. It is for anybody and everybody.

Need to Know: Lajpat Nagar is divided into four parts. So it is advisable to be (literally) street savvy when you go visit. Know that there is a need to know. You might want to keep a checklist of the shops you want to visit the first few times that you go there.

Unique Feature: The younger crowd can give their taste buds a wild ride with the vast array of flavors waiting to be explored. With buildings like Korean Cultural Center (with its amazing café) situated in the near vicinity, one can go international with their food experiments.

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