In conversation with Vineeth Vincent, a former world record holder

Most of us prefer to keep our talents a step behind our education, but a Bangalore boy came along,  (^) along with urban talkies and showed us how to trust yourself, and being true to your own talent, comes to take you a long long way. Vineeth Vincent, a former  world record holder and professional beatboxer talks to us about his journey, his passion, and how he believes everything depends upon your perspective of the opportunities given to you.

1. Yashasvini : How did you stumble upon beatboxing?

Vineeth Vincent : My attraction to music and my constant want to make stupid sounds which ultimately resulted in me being drawn towards beatboxing. I like the simple kind. I’m not very technical. I like a smooth and thick 4×4 to which I can groove to.

2. And who were your inspiration(s)?

I didn’t have any inspirations as of such but I do remember watching Blake Lewis back in the early of 2007 when I had just started off my career as an MC.

3. Where was your first performance and what’s been your most memorable one?

I first beatboxed on the Natarani stage at Darpana in Ahmadabad in Jan of 2008. That was when I realised that I could do this as a stage performance.

4. Since the beatboxing doesn’t have a very active scene in India- what keeps you going?

The audience reactions are definitely a good thing. The face that I can make a living from spitting into microphones would be the other. But Beatboxing is fun. It is a brilliant mode to communicate. It is a good conversation starter and attention grabber.

5. So since Indian society is not exactly the most experimentalist,  what were the initial reactions? Specially your parents?

Well, my family was supportive as soon as they saw that it made financial sense. I got a lot of positive responses. There were obviously the negative which I still get from time to time but one needs to learn how to filter this. Take what is good and can help you develop and throw away what is bad.

6. What made you take the traditional route of commerce at Christ College? I mean, why Bcom with your musical talent?

Well I did Commerce in my 11th and 12th. I did arts (Psychology, Sociology and English) for my degree at Christ University.

Alternate education was not as popular in 2005 as it is now. In fact things are still developing. It is also quite expensive to get an education on the creative fields. Back then, we could not afford it.

7.  Any advice to the students reading this (especially those who think they’re stuck in a “not so creative” course)?

You decide the paths you take. Your so called “education” does not. There are so many life skills you can take away from your regular formal education. One can learn the importance of showing up on time, completing tasks, dressing rights, grooming yourself right, understanding interpersonal relationships, understanding how different segments of the world works etc. Your learning is limited by your perception of the opportunities in front of you.

8. What’s next?

So many things. I don’t know where to begin. The recent times have been very interesting for me. Good and bad. Time will tell. As I have to do is work as hard and smart as possible and the rest, I leave to faith.

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