iOTA: SRCC Students creating a Difference in the Lives of Artists

iOTA (I Ought to Acknowledge): The name might be as small as the meaning but the work they do is not just of appreciation it also inspires the society to look beyond horizon and believe in beauty. iOTA is one such organisation that creates a platform for disabled artists which includes not only working on ground for the exhibitions but also making an online portal through which their art can be recognised. This wonderful team consist of five core team members and quite a few interns handling content, graphic designing, communication and marketing. Interestingly the core team members are students from institutions like SRCC and IIT Delhi.

“We believe that this unconventional idea would be underrated if we call it only a startup when the cause they are working for is stronger than the means,” says Preena, one of her core team members being very honest about the difficulties they face was very ecstatic and content with the support they are getting. Their strong collaborations with  JOSH talks and Innov 8 helps them bridge the gaps between their targets and the difficulties. They not only provide them space to conduct meetings but also help them with their upcoming campaigns. They are soon to have an exhibition at India Habitat Centre to involve a larger and a diverse share of audience to the art of those who are world record holders despite of their disabilities.RJ Khurafaati Nitin is also one name that is soon going to be associated with them. They are very regular on conducting campaigns for their future ventures and all the respective details are scared on their Facebook page. Their vision is to promote art, remove boundaries and break all stereotypes that follow in our society. The only medium that art needs is a heart to put out and a mind to understand it with equal emotions, iOta proudly is that one medium. We wish them luck for all their endeavours for they appropriately put life to the art of those who know no limits

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