Lodi: The Garden Restaurant- A Little Taste of Love

Set up perfectly within the boundaries of the Lodi Garden, this one-of-a-kind restaurant is the perfect spot for lovers this Valentine’s day. Amidst all the greenery and serenity around, you walk into this place and, just for a split second, you are lost.  Lost in the sheer beauty that surrounds you. The restaurant embraces its surroundings and has got a unique vibe of fresh air, some lovely lights, great ambiance and a glimpse of life with no worries. Trust me, you will experience it. You could choose a table outside in the open area(highly recommended), or inside the restaurant. Although the interiors of the restaurant itself are top-notch, it is the outside seating arrangements that provide that little touch of magic. For that special person, on that special day, you can choose the little tents outside. I assure you, you will feel like you couldn’t have made it more perfect!

The food itself doesn’t disappoint at all. I’m guessing it would take a while to place your order as every dish is explained to perfection. There are options for vegetarians as well as for meat freaks. They serve Continental, Mediterranean, and a range of Middle Eastern delicacies along with a few Indian dishes. I am very confident that the food is as authentic as it gets around here. Portions are good enough and although you might feel it is a tad bit on the higher side, the fact that it will be long before you forget this experience should be incentive enough to loosen those purses a bit. If you ever thought of fine dining, here’s the opportunity. Try the famous steaks down here. Amazing is the word! It’s but one of the many “must try’s” here. The platters are also quite appetizing. If you are into seafood, there’s the perfect seafood platter here. The zucchini, eggplant, assorted peppers and onion ratatouille is a gem for vegans. Beverages here take you to a whole new level. You have your regular cocktails and mocktails but wait, there’s more to it. There’s a bar! Yes, you heard me!The best of the world at your disposal. Order a glass of wine or champagne for the two of you and bask in the eternity of bliss. Enough said!

Need a happy ending? Go for the Banoffee Pie among other exotic desserts. Nothing could possibly go wrong after that! Well, to sum it up, Valentine’s Day or not, this pearl of a place is one to visit any day. It brings a whole new meaning to this occasion and is a very popular joint. I’m pretty sure you won’t get a table without prior reservation on Valentine’s Day, so be sure to book your table in advance as the waiting might turn ugly. As for the price, it should not exceed Rs 2000 for a couple provided you go easy on the drinks! It might not make it to the “best budget restaurants” on your daily news feed, but it will give you a little piece of love! Go for it!

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