Of Plot Twists and Heartbreak: 10 Brilliant Game of Thrones Moments

From crazy politics to exploitation to brutal bloodshed and power being put to all sorts of uses, Game of Thrones is a show that keeps you gripped and leaves you open-mouthed after almost every episode. You’re put on an emotional roller coaster right from the beginning and this roller coaster (unlike the one that Augustus Waters is on) goes down way too often.

So here’s a list of 10 scenes from the show that put every fan on the feels train:

 1. Goodbye, Ned

From the very beginning, Eddard Stark is that one good man, you’re counting on, to save the day and then BAM! The only man who was far from being a traitor is beheaded for being one. Forget winter, buckets and buckets of tears are coming.

2. The End of Viserys Targaryen

In one place, there are the Lannister twins doing unspeakable things and then there’s Viserys, further making you dislike the brother-sister relation. Finally, Drogo puts an end to the torture by taking this horrible brother’s life in a truly royal manner. Hallelujah!

3. Mother of Dragons

There’s women being abused all through the show and then there’s Daenerys who’s constantly becoming more powerful and brave and giving you hope. When she steps in fire and comes out with dragons, the feminist in you can’t help but scream, “You go girl!!”

4. Battle of the Blackwater

Even though the battle is won by The Lannisters, the intensity of it leaves you absolutely thrilled! Water burning green is an exotic site and The Hound saying “F*** the king.” takes all the excitement to another level altogether!

5. The Red Wedding

We Indians know weddings to be extravagant and bursting with happiness. But this particular wedding throws that idea out the window! It breaks your heart into a million pieces but there are no tears that follow, just sheer pain and stunned silence.

6. King Joffrey’s Much Awaited Departure

There’s probably no one who didn’t hate, absolutely despise Joffrey Baratheon. Your face transitions from ‘confused’ to ‘shocked’ to ‘happy’ as his face takes on various colours of death, in no time. It’s a perfect “Praise the lord” moment!

7. All “You know nothing, Jon Snow” Moments

Jon Snow is eye candy anyway and with Ygritte coming into the picture, things just get cute-er and thus, one may give these two the status of their OTP. But of course, Ygritte had to go because George.R.R.Martin doesn’t understand “happily ever after”.

*offers tissues*

8. Tyrion Lannister’s Confession

Tyrion is one character who’s been mocked and humiliated a lot. Yet the guy continues to be witty and plain sassy. But the pain that Shae’s words give him, during that trial, makes him utter words that touch you deeply and make you want to hug him right there!

9. The Mountain vs. The Red Viper

Trial by combat is such a badass way of trying to get justice!

A giant driven by pure arrogance and a person driven by the desire to avenge his sister’s death makes for a bloody great fight!

10. Team ‘Arya Stark and The Hound’

Two of the best characters team up and go around killing and fighting and pretending like they don’t care while looking out for each other – of course they give you the feels ! Sandor Clegane, you will be missed.

You just revisited 4 brilliant seasons and now I’m sure you’re dying to watch season 5 or are ready to kill for it. Both those things are perfectly fine ‘cause Valar Morghulis, right?

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