Moving to a new city like Delhi can be exciting yet overwhelming. Finding the right place to live that suits your needs and budget is key. When it comes to choosing a paying guest (PG) accommodation in Delhi, there are several factors to consider so you can make the best decision.

Overview of PGs in Delhi

PGs are a popular housing option, especially for students and young working professionals in Delhi. They provide furnished rooms on a sharing basis along with amenities like kitchen, laundry, WiFi, etc. While independent flats may be expensive, PGs allow you to live affordably with other flatmates.

Delhi offers a wide range of PG options across neighborhoods. You can find premium PGs with hotel-like facilities as well as regular PGs with basic amenities. Costs, rules, crowd preferences and availability features widely differ among PGs. So it’s important to assess your needs before starting your PG hunt in Delhi.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a PG

While looking for a PG in Delhi, keep the following key factors in mind to make the right choice:


Delhi is a vast city with different neighborhoods having distinct vibes. Consider proximity to your office or college when shortlisting areas. Opt for a neighborhood well-connected by public transport like metro. Avoid long commutes to avoid traffic woes.


Rental costs for PGs in Delhi start from ₹4,000 per month for a basic room and can go up to ₹35,000 per month for luxurious options. Determine your budget beforehand for rent, food, transportation, etc. to zero in on suitable options.


Check what amenities like furniture, kitchen, WiFi, parking, housekeeping, etc. are provided by the PG. Choose one that offers maximum facilities you require within your budget. Premium PGs offer extra services like gyms, swimming pools, cafeterias, etc.


Assess the safety precautions like entry/exit restrictions, CCTV cameras, security staff when shortlisting PGs. Opt for women’s PGs if you are female. Visit the PG to get a sense of the neighborhood as well.

Choosing the Right Neighborhood

With an idea of your budget and needs, the next step is identifying the right neighborhood in Delhi for your PG search. Here’s an overview of popular areas for PGs in Delhi:

South Delhi

Affluent neighborhoods like Greater Kailash, Defence Colony, Hauz Khas, Safdarjung are ideal for working professionals. Well-connected, safe, with plenty of development. Offers premium PGs.

North Delhi

Areas like Vijay Nagar, Model Town, Shalimar Bagh are student-centric. Good public transport connectivity. Budget-friendly standard PGs available. Can be crowded.

East Delhi

Preferred by students studying in universities here. Laxmi Nagar is a major student hub with budget PGs but very crowded. Also consider nearby IP Extension, Mayur Vihar.

West Delhi

Some areas like Rajouri Garden offer a mix of premium and budget PGs. Janakpuri and Tilak Nagar are affordable student areas. Certain pockets may be unsafe at night.

Central Delhi

Connaught Place is centrally located but expensive. Karol Bagh, Paharganj are crowded with basic PGs for budget seekers. Unsafe for solo female travellers.

Budgeting for a PG

Once you’ve selected a neighborhood, the next factor is budgeting. Here are some tips:

Average Rental Costs

  • South Delhi: ₹12,000-₹22,000 for premium PGs
  • North, East, West Delhi: ₹4,000-₹15,000 for standard PGs
  • Central Delhi: ₹5,000-₹10,000 for basic PGs

Additional Expenses

Factor in monthly expenses for food, WiFi, laundry, transportation, utilities, toiletries, entertainment, etc. which can range from ₹5,000-₹15,000 depending on lifestyle.

Tips for Saving Money

Opt for a standard PG, use public transport, cook your own food, use cashback apps, split costs with roommates to save money.

Amenities to Look For

When visiting PGs, take a look at the facilities on offer. Check that they meet your essential needs:


Inspect room size, bed, mattress, storage space, ventilation, lighting. See if ACs are provided.


Check if attached bathrooms are available. See their cleanliness. Hot water availability.


Assess kitchen space, gas connection, utensils, refrigerator, water purifier, storage.

Living Areas

Check the common living room, dining area. Premium PGs offer TV, sofas, wi-fi here.

Appliances and Utilities

See if washing machine, iron, vacuum cleaners are provided. Clarify who pays electricity and water bills.

Internet and WiFi

Many PGs offer wi-fi in public areas or rooms. Check speeds to support your needs.


Ask if two-wheeler or four-wheeler parking is available. May come at extra costs.


Most PGs offer cleaning services. Clarify frequency and if cost is included in rent.

Assessing Safety and Comfort

An important factor is how safe and comfortable you feel living in the PG. Here are some tips:

Women’s PGs

Ladies, prefer women’s only PGs. They have extra security with restrictions on male entry.

Entry/Exit Restrictions

24/7 staff helps monitor who enters the PG premises. But excessive restrictions can be inconvenient.

CCTV Cameras

CCTVs in common areas ensure security. But cameras in bedrooms may invade privacy.

Staff and Security

Look for 24/7 security guards or staff. Avoid PGs with shady managers.

Hostel Rules

Consider PGs with sensible rules like timings and visitor policies. Too many rigid restrictions can be problematic.

Overall Vibe

Visit the PG to get a feel of the environment. Interact with the staff and existing residents before deciding.

Questions to Ask the Landlord

When interacting with the PG owner or manager, clarify these points:

Rental Terms

Ask about contract period, security deposit, refund policy, locker availability, termination notice period, etc.


Clarify rules regarding overnight guests, alcohol, smoking, noise levels, decorating rooms, etc.

Maintenance and Repairs

Check their policy and response time for issues like plumbing, electricity, appliance breakdowns, etc.

Guest Policy

Know the guidelines regarding frequency, duration and charges for allowing guests to visit you.


Finding a suitable PG in Delhi needs some consideration of your preferences and thorough research. Look for one that balances your budget, location, amenities, safety and comfort needs. Interact with the landlord clearly about rules. This will help avoid future problems and make your PG stay pleasant. With an abundance of options, take your time to make the right decision. Doing your homework will ensure a comfortable living experience in Delhi.

Final Tips for Choosing a PG

  • Set your budget and filter options accordingly
  • Shortlist PGs near your university or workplace
  • Personally visit shortlisted PGs before deciding
  • Interact with existing residents to understand ground realities
  • Thoroughly read contract terms before signing or paying
  • Don’t compromise on safety or daily comforts

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much deposit do PGs usually take in Delhi?

A: PGs usually take 1-2 months rent as security deposit which is refunded when you vacate, after electricity/damages deduction.

Q: Can I cook my own food in PGs?

A: Most PGs allow self-cooking in communal kitchens. Some offer cooks for a charge. Clarify before joining.

Q: Are electricity and water costs included in PG rent?

A: Usually not. Tenants have to pay electricity & water bills pro-rata or as fixed monthly charges in addition to rent.

Q: Can I choose to share a room to save on PG rent?

A: Some basic PGs offer twin-sharing rooms. But it’s better to opt for single rooms for privacy and comfort.

Q: How can I find PG options to choose from in Delhi?

A: Websites like NoBroker, Housr etc list verified PGs. You can also spot ‘To-let’ signs in neighborhoods.


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