Anti-Valentine’s Day sentiment has been growing in recent years. Rather than embracing the holiday dedicated to romantic love, many people actively avoid or even protest Valentine’s Day celebrations. But not everyone who shuns Valentine’s Day does so for the same reasons. Understanding why your loved one dislikes the holiday can help you find creative ways to still make the day special.

While wooing the lovers is the norm, there are restaurants going one step further. They’re putting their business degrees to good use and one too many a scheme has been planned to woo the singles’ this Valentine’s Day. It has left me a little amused, frankly, but knowing the hype around this commercially profitable ‘day of love’, I’m sure the restaurants will not be left disappointed.

So if you’re single and/or recently been left heartbroken, there’s a lot happening to empty your wallets. (Since you don’t have a girlfriend, these restaurants would like to do the job) The schemes range from the extreme to the subtly sly discounts.

Here’s one that has taken inspiration from Kareena Kapoor’s character in Jab We Met. Your qualifications must include single, heartbroken, pining and vindictively so. If you are all of the aforementioned, 14th is your lucky day; not only do you get 1+1 pizzas but you also get to burn your ex’s photo in front of a packed restaurant of like minded bitter and heartbroken souls. Head to ‘Dude Food’ in Satya Niketan. Here’s hoping your pizzas aren’t covered in tears.

What is Anti-Valentine’s Day?

Anti-Valentine’s Day isn’t necessarily about hating love or relationships. Some people just don’t like what mainstream Valentine’s Day has come to represent.

Reasons People Dislike Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is now one of the most commercialized holidays. Many people feel like it’s become more about buying gifts and going to fancy dinners than celebrating love. The holiday’s rampant consumerism can feel disingenuous.

Unrealistic relationship expectations

Romantic comedies and idealized Valentine’s Day celebrations in pop culture set unrealistic expectations for relationships. Some people feel Valentine’s Day places too much pressure on couples.

Feeling excluded

For people who are single or heartbroken, Valentine’s Day can underscore their loneliness. The holiday’s focus on romantic relationships excludes people who aren’t coupled up.

Winning Over the Anti-Valentine’s Day Crowd

If your partner falls into the anti-Valentine’s Day category, avoid trying to recreate a picture-perfect Hallmark holiday. Here are some tips for celebrating in an way that feels more thoughtful:

Focus on friendship

Remind your partner that your relationship is built on an amazing friendship. Plan activities you’d enjoy even without the romance – board games, cooking together, checking out a new exhibit.

Make it about self-love

Surprise your partner with thoughtful gifts or experiences that help them enjoy “me time.” Ideas include a massage, tickets to see their favorite band, or supplies for a hobby.

Do something unexpected

Ditch the chocolate-flowers-teddy bears combo. Break out of the Valentine’s Day mold by doing something creative and personal that shows you listen to what makes your partner tick.

Creative Anti-Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Here are some fun date ideas for winning over the anti-Valentine’s crowd:

1. Movie marathon

Host a horror movie marathon or queue up their favorite childhood films. Order in and make it a cozy night on the couch.

2. Arcade night

Get competitive at a vintage arcade or bowling alley. Arcades are low-key spots with no Valentine’s hype.

3. Volunteer together

Volunteer at an animal shelter or food bank. Giving back is a great unofficial Valentine’s activity.

If you always wanted to be showered with rose petals by your lover as you enter a restaurant on the 14th of February, however were unlucky enough to not find a guy or girl to do so; Hadippa at Rajouri Garden will do the job for you. As you enter to avail your complimentary drinks or desserts by virtue of belonging to the Lonely Hearts Club, you’ll feel rose petals covering you from head to toe. A thousand roses will die for the cause of singles on 14th.

It is a cause it seems. And many Cafés in Delhi are fighting for the same with a ‘Singles Awareness Day to commemorate those who suffer from the disease of nowhere-to-be-found-love. To treat these patients, they give discounts on three course meals if a sufferer walks in alone. Where would the world be without those who have big hearts?

These singles day out schemes are quite the antithesis of Valentine’s Day. A step away from the clichéd schemes or a move to new clichés, all it means for the singles is discounts and freebies.  As my dad says, he’ll do some major shopping on Valentine’s Day and try to not buy anything pink and fluffy.


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