10 Things Not to Do in Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India, is a diverse metropolis with a rich history and vibrant culture. As an international travel destination, Delhi offers visitors numerous attractions like the Red Fort, India Gate, and markets like Chandni Chowk. However, every city also has its own set of local customs and pitfalls.

This article provides travelers with tips on things to avoid in Delhi for a safe and enjoyable trip. Being aware of these potential issues will allow you to steer clear of trouble.

Things to Avoid in Delhi

Delhi is still developing infrastructure in many areas. Visitors should be cautious regarding health, safety, and cultural norms. Here are 10 things to absolutely avoid in Delhi:

Littering in Public Places

It’s easy to absentmindedly toss trash on the ground, but resist the urge! Littering in public spaces can incur fines starting at Rs. 1,000. Help keep Delhi clean by properly disposing waste.

Drinking Tap Water

Drink only bottled or filtered water. Delhi’s tap water is unsafe to drink and likely to cause illnesses. Stay hydrated but stick to sealed bottled water during your travels.

Taking Auto Rickshaws without Agreeing on Fare

Tuk-tuks and autos are convenient for short trips. However, always settle on a fare beforehand to avoid getting ripped off. Don’t hail an auto unless you’ve negotiated the price.

Going Out Alone Late at Night

Women especially should avoid going out alone late at night. Always take trusted companions if you’ll be out past 10 pm. For your own safety, remain vigilant in unfamiliar or isolated areas.

Visiting During Extreme Weather

Avoid visiting Delhi in extreme heat or heavy monsoon rains. Temperatures frequently top 40°C in summer. The city also floods during monsoons. Visit during October to March for pleasant weather.

Engaging in PDA

Public displays of affection like kissing or holding hands are considered inappropriate. Refrain from overly intimate contact in public. Doing so can land you in trouble.

Misbehaving in Religious Places

Treat temples, mosques, gurdwaras, and churches with respect. Follow all customs, dress appropriately, and avoid rowdy behavior which could offend locals.

Consuming Street Food at Dirty Stalls

Street food is tempting but risky. Only eat from clean stalls with high turnover to avoid getting sick. Check food quality and hygiene before ordering.

Shopping Without Bargaining

Haggling is expected when shopping in bazaars and markets. Don’t accept the first quoted price. Know the value of items and bargain politely but firmly.

Disrespecting Local Customs

Research local etiquette. Refrain from insensitive behavior like public yelling or impatience. Delhi residents will appreciate visitors who make an effort to respect norms.

Stay Safe in Delhi

Here are some tips for a safe visit:

Be Alert but Friendly

Keep your wits about you but don’t be paranoid. Delhi is generally safe if you use common sense. Interact with locals in a friendly yet cautious manner.

Respect Religious Sites

Dress and behave appropriately at temples and mosques. Remove shoes, cover heads, and follow rules. Seek permission before photographing people.

Use Public Transport Wisely

Use prepaid taxis and rideshares at night. Avoid empty public buses or trains. Stick to licensed transports and share your trip status with friends for safety.

Delhi offers unforgettable experiences – savor the food, people, and culture. Avoid problematic situations by following these tips. Respect local sensibilities and you’ll find Delhi’s residents to be hospitable hosts. Have a wonderful trip!



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