When the other little kids spent their time playing badminton or learning new ways to waste their time, I sat in my little room and watched all the cartoons that Cartoon Network, Pogo and Disney Channel could offer. Now that I give it a thought, I am glad that I decided to watch Tiny Tv that one summer instead of going for a random camp.

Not to sound like almost all the arrogant 90s kids on the internet, but us 90s kids did hit the lottery when it comes to cartoons. We did not have to watch an 8 year old pretend to be a Ninja and we did not have to endure the many adventures of Bheem which don’t seem to end. Let’s not forget about the plagiarized Karan and Kabir that comes on Disney Channel these days. It’s just shameful.

Instead of dwelling into why I feel bad for the coming generation, here are 7 best cartoons from 90s that made our childhood amazing.


If you didn’t watch Pokemon as a kid, I feel bad for you. If you didn’t think Pikachu was the cutest thing on this planet, then you are made of stone, my friend. Journey of a kid named Ash Ketchum who wanted to become the Greatest Pokemon Master, Pokemon was not only thrilling but also incredible.  It had friendship, battles and Pokemons so amazing that it made you wonder how it would be like to have an animal who had the ability to electrocute you (PIKA PIKA!)


Story of a cat trying to catch a mouse is not a very old story. It all started with Tom and Jerry and who knew that they would go on to become one of the biggest franchisees. It isn’t really about how big the show was. It is about how amazing the characters were. Who knew that a mouse could be this smart and a cat this dumb not to mention that they were the best friends at the end of the day. Kudos to Brutus, the bull dog who protected Jerry all these years.


In Dexter’s Laboratory, lives the martest boy you have ever seen goes the theme song for Dexter’s Laboratory. Nothing short of genius, this show revolved around a smart bespeckled kid who was named Dexter who might have inspired a lot of little kids to become engineers. I am sure they curse him now but Dexter’s adventures with his sister Dee Dee and his nemesis/neighbor Mendark did make everybody curious about Science.



I judge you if you just made a face after reading PowerPuff Girls. Not only was this show incredibly thrilling for a 6 year old, it was educational and smart. It was sugar, spice and everything nice. Three little girls named Blossoms, Bubbles and Buttercup fought and saved Townsville everyday along with learning the alphabet. Honestly, this show still makes me excited.



Did you think if I watched Powerpuff Girls, Dragon Ball Z was unknown to me? Think again. Goku was undefeated and a personal hero. A continuation to the original Dragon Ball series, it included Goku’s journey to save his son Gohan with the help of his former allies Piccolo and Vegeta. Even though I was way too young to understand what was happening in the show but eventually I understood everything that was important. I am just saying but Japanese Anime were really good.



TJ and the gang were the coolest people that I knew when I was a kid. Not only did they teach me how to go through school in a fun way, they taught me how important friendship was, what high school was going to be like and how everything had consequences. Created as a symbol of freedom, this show involved one of six characters stuck between individuality and social order. Disney always kept children’s best interest in it’s mind.



No, I did not forget Noddy. The best was saved for the last and I am sure you agree with me that he was the best. He was the adorable little taxi driver in the ToyLand who was always stuck in difficult situations because of his impulsiveness and enthusiasm. With Tessie Bear and Big Ears, he messed up and then saved ToyLand in the end. The Villains Sly and Gobbo didn’t make it any easy for him either.


There were so many other amazing cartoons like Popeye who made us love Spinach, Oswald and Friends along with Bob : The Builder. Richie Rich, The Flinstones, Addams Family, Jetsons and Scooby Doo are some of the shows that I think definitely need to be mentioned. Going through the list, I wonder how long my childhood was. But surely, childhood was a great time no matter if it was spent watching television or playing or learning. It was a time when there were no pressures, no worries and no norms to keep us bound. Just an obligation to have fun and enjoy. Celebrating our 1st Prime Minister’s birthday, let’s relive our childhood and get a bit nostalgic. Visit youtube and watch the cartoons or pick up the old video game and spend your day playing tetris. But make sure to revisit your childhood today.


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