nukkad natak

Beats of drums, echoes of voices, unbeatable energy and catchy tunes. If you have witnessed a nukkad natak , then all of this would make sense to you .


Nukkad Natak is a theatrical performance that takes place in public spaces like shopping centres or street corners. A group of artists in simple costumes stage their work on street as a means of educating and creating awareness among the masses.


Nukkad Natak fills the gap and acts as a bridge between the audience and the artists. It helps in propagating social and political messages in a sarcastic and humorous way. Communicating about various social problems like Female foeticide, corruption , farmer suicide etc has become easier with the help of this medium.


In order to draw crowd from all walks of life, the introductory session is kept loud, simple and catchy. The artists perform with enthusiasm and energy. The Nukkad Natak , despite dealing with critical issues , also has streaks of humour and fun. Limited props like dafli, chunni, manjeera etc  add to the performance. Nukkad Natak is not restricted to acting, it involves music, writing, dancing, acting and choreography as well .

Nukkad Natak  in DU

Nukkad Natak is not only popular but also celebrated in Delhi university colleges. Nukkad Natak competitions take place every now and then, where the teams are judged upon their presentation skills and interaction with the crowd. But everything is never as easy as it seems. Behind every heart-winning performance is hardwork and ceaseless practice hours. The Theater societies of different colleges hold auditions every year where new ideas, creativity and talent is welcomed with open arms. The selected students undergo physical torment, as they call it, in the form of workshops which focus  on improving  vocal skills , expressions , posture , timing and dialogue delivery. The workshop lasts for 15-20 days and helps to feel free and fearless in voice and body. As for the nukkad natak artists, missing classes , practising 8-10 hours a day, getting roasted under the scorching sun, performing with no excuses becomes  a part of their dedicated routine.

Nukkad Natak is an attempt to bring a change in the society. So next time you find a Nukkad Natak being performed , stop , watch and spread the message.

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