Top 5 Canteens In Delhi University

The solution to all the times we’ve been ‘broke’ and a happy bunking point from tedious classes – Canteens of DU; are close to our hearts, where we’ve woven tales of friendship and love amidst hot coffee during frosty winters and iced teas during the scorching heat. Here’s a list of Top 5 canteens of DU (with no particular order) with comments from a few students.

St. Stephen’s College

Nestled in the coolest part of North campus, located closest to the Ridge is the St. Stephen’s cafeteria.
From its cozy wooden chairs to the wonderfully crafted tables and interiors, the peaceful atmosphere to the kind staff, the St Stephen’s café has its ways of keeping you away from class even before it gets to the food! They say you haven’t had a complete university experience till you’ve tasted the famous mince (mutton keema) cutlets from here. Apart from that, the eggs cooked in various styles- the Sexy Anda (omelette with a cheese filling), the Rocky (kebabs wrapped in an omlette) and Mince Anda (scrambled egg and crushed mince cutlets) are other bites to die for! Besides that, the chicken lunch (cooked everyday) and chole bhature made on special days keep the students distracted from class often. The food is great, but more than that it’s the ambience that the café provides, that makes it such a special place. Some of the brightest minds engage in intelligent debate, script writing, music composing here. This outburst of cultural activity definitely makes it one of the finest places to Meet and discuss ideas. Right next to the café is the famous dhaba belonging to the late Rohtas ji. Famous for its samosas and nimbu paani. Honestly it’s like no other!
The St.Stephen’s café is an experience you mustn’t miss out, there is just too much it offers for as little as 40 rupees.
Rahul Rajkhowa 
Passout of BA (Honours in History)

Kamla Nehru College

Ask any KNCite about the things she loves about her college and the canteen is sure to be on the list. With a wide variety and easy on the pocket prices, KNC arguably has one of the best canteens in Delhi University. The area starts with the main canteen and seating area extending to an open air seating space flanked by a Nescafe stall on one side and a Coca Cola Station on the other and eventually leading up to the Chaupal (amphitheatre). When you are here, do not miss out on the Shahi Paneer and Butter Naan and the Pav Bhaji. Other specialities include Cheese Pasta, Masala Dosa, Chicken Roll and French Fries. Sip it down with some frappe from the Nescafe stall or some kulhad wali lassi from the main canteen.
– Nabiha Tasnim 
BA (Honours in Sociology)

Hindu College

The Hindu college canteen is the saving grace for all the ‘broke’ students. The canteen offers a wide variety of food with different types of rolls and Indian and Chinese food. The rates are very economical with dishes like rajma chawal and chole bhature costing a meagre ₹20 and the food tastes just like home. The best dish, which is one of the first to get finished, is  the Shahi paneer and butter naan thali which tastes delicious and is very economical. There is also a juice/shake station to have fresh juice and the cold coffee shake is the most popular. Another great fact is that it isn’t a congested place and your gang can sit together on the colourful benches, gorging on the momos and honey chilli potato that are favorites among students. The wide variety and the amazing flavours make the canteen one of the best in Delhi University.
– Agnes Thomas. 
B.A ( Hons) English. 

Sri Venkateswara College

The menu contains an assortment of dishes and ranging from the most delicious dosas to idlis, chowmein, fried rice, chole bhature, pav bhaji, chilly potato, thalis and gulab jamuns. The dosas however are the stars here, the cook being a sagar ratna cook formerly. We get all kinds of dosas from the simple paper and masala dosa to the very special paneer and mysore dosa. The price range of the food items is also amazingly pocket friendly. In beverages, we have tea, coffee and all sorts of juices, cold drinks and milkshakes.
The sitting arrangement is rather unique. It is a fairly large open space with chairs and tables arranged in different porticos.
Anouska Tamuli 
BA (Honours in History)

Ramjas College

The canteen, an average sized room below the conference  hall situated in one corner of the 100 year old college, offers a variety of vegetarian items, which satisfies the empty stomach of the students. Although the menu offers a limited list of food items, yet the Rajma Chawal, Chole Bhature, Spring Roll, Masala Dosa, Cold Coffee, Samosa, Bread pakoda, fresh fruit juice or shakes are considered to be the favourite among the Ramjasites. The food items are served in a sufficient amount to feed the hungry stomachs and they cost between Rs. 5 to Rs. 30. Sometimes, the canteen also serves non-vegetarian thalis. The food served in the canteen is considered to be hygienic with fresh food items although it is little spicy. The College canteen definitely brings glory to the college although there is a room for improvement.
– Triparna Kalita 
BA (Hons in Political Science)


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