Why Travel Solo?

I recently returned from a marvelous trip to South India, where I toured historic places, ogled tulips, sipped coconut water, ate lots of rice, explored the beauty of beaches, trekked down the forests and found myself in the company of fun-loving locals in the cities— all by myself!

Why Travel Solo?

While it’s wonderful to share a special trip and new experiences with friends, a partner, or family, there’s a compelling case for travel alone. Solo travel can work for anyone, whether you’re a woman, a man, single, in a relationship, extrovert, or introvert. There is no reason why being alone should confine you to the armchair version of travel. Here are few good reasons why you should try it:

1.     The overwhelming sense of absolute freedom

Heard about that amazing waterfall, that incredible desert beach, the opportunity to bungee jump from a high bridge, or taste a special delicacy? Think one hundred times before asking to choose to go the off beaten track when travelling with someone. But when you’re travelling alone, you don’t have to fit into a group’s agenda, give explanations or disappoint anyone, you can follow your rhythm, desires and move like the wind! Travelling by yourself means you only have to please yourself.

2.     Travelling alone challenges your fears and insecurities

What if something goes wrong? What if you get into trouble? What if…This is normal and perfectly human; fear exists for our own protection and boosts our awareness. But we shouldn’t let it control our lives. Common sense is the key. Read and research a lot before you travel, check out hotel reviews, stay well versed, respect the local culture and I guarantee you’ll be fine. (Don’t forget handy bottles of Mountain Dew- Darr ke aage jeet hai?!)

3.     You’ll have a chance to recreate yourself and be who you want to be

Solo travel can be the ultimate in self-indulgence. It can become a great opportunity for reflection and moving at an individual pace. When on the road, you might be challenged by unexpected factors and be positively surprised how well you respond to them. Empower yourself by unleashing the wonderful, irresistible and intelligent person that you are, but whom you’ve neglected in your everyday routine.

4.     You can finally take time to leave everything else behind

The Women and the World Travel Survey has found that Aussie women are embracing independent travel. Of these 3200 women who were surveyed, 82 per cent of these solo travellers said their main reason for taking off by themselves was to “get away from it all”.
Just disconnect from the world for a while, take the smartphone easy, halt worrying about your “Last seen” on Whatsapp & instead change your status to “Last seen at New Jersey!” Cool ‘nuff? You’ll be amazed by how fresh you’ll feel once you get back home, my friend.

Life is about unexpected adventures, inspiring places, and living with absolutely no regrets! We travel not just to go, we travel to evolve. Embracing new experiences, endlessly changing horizons, and welcoming each day as a way of living!

Research a lot before you escape, stay aware, pack smart, be adventurous, have fun, and yes- be a crazy jubilant solo traveller! Bon voyage.

(Reference- The Thought Catalog)


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